Reflexa® is a leading brand in textile innovation, helping the well-being of people with specific health-related challenges: diabetes, limb amputation, sensitive ankles, feet tiredness, feet discomfort and irritation.

Reflexa® uses the highly-advanced microcirculation increase technology Quattroxy™, the effectiveness of which is proven by studies* and testing. Better and improved blood circulation can help nourish cells and regenerate tissue.

*Financed by the European Union
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The Reflexa® products are setting new standards in quality by being produced in the most sophisticated textile manufacturing facilities in Italy.

Microcirculation difference in feet measured in patients with diabetes wearing a QUATTROXY™ sock and a control sock.

User please note: Reflexa® products are manufactured and designed to assist specific conditions. For best results and to minimise any problems arising Reflexa® advise all potential users in every case to consult with an appropriate medical specialist experienced in the specific complaint arising prior to use of Reflexa® products. Reflexa products are intended to be used for improving the skin health. They are not intended to diagnose, prevent or cure any other disease or disability. Reflexa® products should only be used on clean unbroken skin. If the condition deteriorates or pain or a rash develops discontinue use of the product immediately and seek medical advice.