Do your socks address the Six Points of Diabetic Foot Health?

Take a stand against the complications of diabetic foot by simply switching socks. Reflexa® Diabetic socks are proven to address the six points of diabetic foot health:
Reflexa Diabetic Socks
1.  Improve circulation in the feet to help prevent the onset of foot neuropathy

2.  Provide optimum comfort with seamless toe and non-binding leg so you don’t have to suffer

3.  Relieve pain so you can enjoy mobility and stay active

4.  Increase oxygen levels in the feet to maintain healthy tissues and nerves

5.  Keep feet warmer so cold weather won’t ruin your day

6.  Promote faster wound healing to recover from ulcers and sores quicker


Award-winning Reflexa® socks utilise revolutionary Celliant™ fibre technology, not compression. No other socks in Europe use Celliant™, so they underperform Reflexa® by comparison.


Take care of your feet now, before it’s too late. It’s as easy as wearing Reflexa® Diabetic every day. Click here to purchase Reflexa® Diabetic now!