“As an individual with diabetes and peripheral neuropathy, I enjoy wearing Reflexa socks on a daily basis. Due to my neuropathy my feet are very sensitive and oftentimes my feet burn.  At these times bulky, constricting socks are not an option for me. Reflexa, though, are lightweight and very comfortable. 


My feet can breathe and don't get too hot wearing Reflexa socks- summer or winter.  And the socks keep my feet warm in the frigid winters here. They are sturdy and haven't worn out or lost their stretch after many washes. Additionally, these socks look like regular socks, which is important to me because I don't want to advertise to my peers that I have neuropathy. I would recommend Reflexa socks to any diabetic, with or without neuropathy; or for that matter to anyone who likes good socks. They are high quality socks tailored to the needs of diabetics!”


Lauren, 24, Postgraduate student and Diabetic, Boston, USA



“During the 2005 Toronto Marathon, I wore Celliant running socks and had zero problems with my feet... As it happened, I ended up seeing my doctor a few days later for my annual physical.  He was amazed that my feet didn’t show any signs of blistering, swelling, bruising, etc.”


Andrew, Real Estate Broker and Marathon Runner, Toronto, Canada

“I have been a type II diabetic for 15 years and recently neuropathy has been affecting my legs and feet.  I tried a number of different support hose and have not been satisfied with their performance.  In many cases they restricted the blood flow and ended up increasing the pain. Your socks have been fantastic. I seem to get the support I need without the restrictions. They not only help with the numbness but provide the support that I need to assist me in walking.”

Frank, Nashua, New Hampshire, USA


“These socks changed my life for the better. I have been wearing them ever since I got them. Just over a month since I wear them. They are extremely soft and comfortable for the skin. I don’t feel burning, hot sensation. They are warm but not “hot”. I did wash them 3-4 times already, nothing changed. The “neck” is comfy, they do not cut my circulation.”

Klaus, Berlin, Germany



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