Evidence Behind Reflexa

The secret behind Reflexa®’s unique properties is Celliant™. The entire range of Reflexa® socks is formulated with Celliant™, and no other sock in Europe offers this revolutionary technology. Reflexa® socks contain substantial quantities of polyester Celliant™, which ensures the unique properties of Celliant™ will be noticeable to you.


Reflexa® socks boast many unique benefits, and clinical studies support each one.  Below is a list of benefits that Reflexa® socks offer, along with studies supporting these conclusions. Please take a moment to read more about the evidence behind Reflexa®.

Overview of the studies supporting the miraculous effects of Celliant™
Testing Overview
     - The Science Behind Celliant

Relieves Pain
    - 2008 Gordon Foot Pain Study (see page 16)

Increases Circulation and Oxygen Levels
2005 McClue Oxygen Study (see page 15)

Increased Oxygen Levels Speed Wound Healing
2003 Lavery Oxygen Study (see page 4-5)

Keeps Feet Warmer/Helps Regulate Body Temperature
2008 Gordon Foot Pain Study (see page 13)

Helps Improve Sleep Quality
2009 Hungs Sleep Study (see page 2)

Boosts Athletic Performance
2009 Gordon Oxygen Study (see page 7)

Permanently Antimicrobial Nanotechnology for Long-Lasting Freshness
AEGIS Info Sheet

Reflexa® Diabetic Holds the APMA Seal of Approval
APMA Approval 2009

Reflexa® Diabetic Won First Prize at Diabetica 2009 – Best Rehabilitation Product
Diabetica 2009 1st Place Certificate

Reflexa® is currently being tested further by leading podiatrists in Europe. Once these studies are available they will be published here.